Watch “Will to Power – Nietzsche” on YouTube

Will To Power presupposes “that which wills”, or if you prefer, “that which does will”.
Considering this “will to power” as being fundamental or serving its own end skews the manifestation or reality into the psychopathic state we realize around us today. Will To Power was fashioned by consciousness as a tool apt to its intended purpose. This shows us that not only is consciousness a precursor of Will To Power, but so is “purpose”, even specific purpose. Will To Power is far from being “the universe” as was narrated herein this enlightening production. Consciousness itself is The Fundamental Stuff Of Reality.
I can go on, but I would soon require that readers at least know of and be capable of understanding, if not share, my concept of Ma’at. You see, when I spoke of “consciousness itself” I wished to script instead, “consciousness herself”.
All else is born of consciousness. This is the only Virgin Birth.
I’ve been for some time wondering why Nietzsche became insane; I am entertaining the thought that possibly Nietzsche mistakenly understood Will To Power as being the “Foundation Of The All” and so therefore wrongly understood his own nature to be evil. Don’t give me any guff about using the word “evil”; objective morality does exist; morality is a property of consciousness.

Americans Must Ditch The Imperialist Mindset

The political parties are actually “private political organizations or clubs” rather than constitutionally provisioned parts of our rightful government. They are “owned”, yes owned by very wealthy and shadowy figures controlling the marionette politician characters with “strings” from above.
Both of the political parties are owned by the same very wealthy people in the same way that a bird owns both of its wings. Also like a bird, the flight or forward motion of this two-party system is achieved by controlled opposition of those wings/parties. With just one wing a bird would be grounded and powering that single wing would find the bird not only grounded but going in convulsive circles. We call the controlled opposition used by the parties “an exercise in Hegelian Dialectics”.
I’ve always said that the Democrats and the Republicans are but the two wings of a single, crooked bird, however I must admit, I do like this snake as a graphic metaphor. It was though creation of these two snake-head parties that the same wealthy crooks/snakes (crooked snake) has bought, perverted and subverted The American Way. The same rich men own both parties. These “benevolent overlords” are always in power, first through one party and then through the other.
I think that the common people, the citizenry, are realizing this in essence, if not in these exact terms. You see, presently about 57% of registered voters are registered as Independents.
Don’t support the two-headed crooked snake; register and vote Independent.
This wisdom is not a paid political announcement, but rather simple truth from OldRayG.
Register and Vote Independent.

Watch “Electoral College Liberty First University Course Preview | KrisAnne Hall” on YouTube

Why do we vote in the presidential race? Our votes do not determine or even influence the choice of President or vice-President. Our votes do not determine the choice of our state’s electors. Those electors are not instructed to carry their ballot as determined by the majority poplar vote of the people in the state they represent
Why is there such push for us to vote? Why is the value of or votes so hyped in mainstream media and even in our mainstream culture? Why are we told that it is so important? I’ll tell you why.
Your vote makes you party to the charade and through the Ritual Magic of casting votes signed in your names. It is the culmination of a set of ritual steps empowered by pomp and pageantry crafted that it might bind your consent to being ruled by whomever the elites through their electors were going to put into The Oval Office.
The choice of President would not suffer at all if no person voted. The mechanics of the state chooses the electors and this choice is not made in the basis of popular vote. The individual vote is a mechanism of control upon the essential being of any soul tricked by it.


Wednesday 04/29/2020

Okay this is s real life example of why I study “the hidden knowledge” which is known as “th e occult”. It makes one more well able to align one’s perceptions with reality. Not just the ostensible reality which is frought with much intentional misinformation, but also with the knowledge which can’t be false; the Hidden Knowledge. Only that which is true or which actually does exist can be hidden.
About the beaches one Anna Maria Island:
Old Brother, the beaches were never closed. Only the parking for the beaches was closed.
I’m hoping that I may trust

You Are The Here/Now

Mind is the product of Consciousness, Awareness (conscious awareness), and location. This function is carried out by the Bicameral Mind and incidentally, should shine some light onto the Mystery of this virtual organ. I’ll note too now that it is the Bicameral Mind which is tuned to resonate with the quantum fractal antenna of each individual found built within the structure and function of DNA. Your mind is of your properties, crafted by your essential self and is realized by, or within the initial act of being here. Being and here; multiplied to create mind.

Remission; Not Remington

I’ve done it. I’ve beaten MalNarc211, known as, “The Vampire-Zombie Plague”. Not only will I not “Twist”, as the condition has become to be known, but the cure, yes: cure, also acted to enforce a correctly principled balance within my entire being. I now truly know religiously the restraint of integrity and simply can’t engage in any behavior which will result in self-imposed suffering. Likewise, the idea that anyone, most especially me, should ever feed on the pain of others is absolutely revolting. I beat this damnable pandemic by magic. Real magic, and I fact I used the most powerful application of mind-over matter available to any soul occupying a human body in this universe. As it turns out, not only am I a Thaumaturge, I seem to be an extremely powerful one. I beat the best military mass-mind-control weapon ever developed by the Earth’s government by virtue of mental powers. Most happily in my exercise is that I have gained the ability to transfer my immunity to others. I developed the epigenetic application I used to “write in” my immunity upon the genetic code of every cell in my body. It is this epigenetic application which is communicable. You can catch it from me if we communicate intimately for an extended period of time. Physical contact is not required but does facilitate a more complex interaction, thereby speeding the communication required to develop my counter-virus at am effective level.

The psychic virus was developed by the commercial military complex to be a “Mind Wrench” tooled to turn the gears of any conscious, self-aware psyche. …….

Check the progress of this work from time to time. I was struck by epiphany and had to fix this concept which I am realizing se theme/vehicle for the message of guerrillaguru.

Chapter Two: Mindful Violence

“All of us; you, I, everyone, live in a World which is stained by the most deplorable, evil, filthy and cowardly deeds which have ever been committed by the very worst men or has produced. Some victims are affected more deeply, personally and directly than others. Most of this violent horror has been introduced via monsters acting without thought, reacting to twisted inner drives and the expediency of the moment. As bad as the majority of mindless violence, this wrongful action may indeed be, especially in quantity, it truthfully pales, almost laughably so, when compared to the damage done through willful depravity enacted by characters who know, understand and then coldly do Mindful Violence.” ~ Spells From My Quill, OldRayG

“All domesticated and semi-domesticated animals, barring none, have been farmed at some time to be slaughtered for food. This is true of all animals thought of primarily as pets. This is true of humans themselves. Why do you think so many societies have had its collective consciousness throttled back to am animalistic mentality.” ~ Spells From My Quill, OldRayG

The Meek Absolutely Will To and Will Inherit This Earth

Alternate title wasn’t available because Bugs Bunny, among the meekest of the meek. “Yes, I wilt tilt for I will to tilt, so I will tilt And I won’t wilt. So the Black Knight throws B. Bunny a sword which pins his hand to the floor. He pivots his horse where hee stupid in the Grand Hall to the tune of his own mocking, derisive laughter.

The Evil Knight didn’t see the magic hanging in the air, seeded in the ether by Bugs’s incantation.

As happens when yourself sometime in the face of extreme trial or tribulations; you must use all of yours being in this utterance because it is integrity which crystallizes the flawless magic. Consider as example of the principle this simple mental exercise:

Beaches and Moons With Glittering Edges

I’m here to to say, “Well come.”, to Winter and I am sincere in that greeting. Winter is our fallow season in which renourishment of all may find its deepest cycle. I’ve realized this truth so I now understand that one should not prepare to face or fight an “inclement season”, but should rather welcome this time of rest and rejuvenation which is truly suited to this darkest season just as sleep is welcome after a day’s work and good evening meal.

Those who oppose Winter find it a Season Of Wither while those prepared to “settle our brains for a long winter’s nap” (“A Visit from St. Nicholas”, more commonly known as “The Night Before Christmas” ) find instead blessings brought to us only by The Fallow Season. We rest, knowing that the Sun’s return will surely be as regular as the clockwork of the heavens. I am glad to see that The Sun has fallen farthest into its most southern sojourn so there “dying on the cross”, The Crux Constellation or Southern Cross, then after three days “sleep”, our Sun undergoes the rebirth which is the salvation of all life on our planet.

The Sun, God’s Sun, Sun Of Man, and The Savior of All is reborn every year on December 25th when, three days after Winter Solstice, the daylight period of each day begins to get longer and the dark hours shorten. This proportional change in the daylight/darkness cycle signals that new life is on the approaching horizon. Today, Sunday December 23rd, 2018 I am more happy and, I think, more prepared for the fallow time than ever before and so hope to enjoy this winter as a time of replenishment and rebirth for myself in accordance with what is apparently “Under The Will of The Heavens”: As Above; so below. Welcome Fallow Season.

As Above; So Below.



Good morning.
It is morning time.
Not Moaning time.
But Mourning time.
Hope you fare well this Grand-Soft Morning.
What with the rain as befits such a moaning, mourning morningtime.
Time for a Wake. It’s mourning time.

A Wake is not Mourningtime:

A Wake is



November Fifth Twenty-Eighteen

Love Life:

HereNow at the Wendy’s Burger in Ringgold, Georgia. I love this little town and have since time out of mind. Today I’m here suffering that debilitated state of being which is most commonly known as “stuck”. My bike is down, and so, is enjoying the ministration of a true Good Ole Boy hillbilly mechanic and friend of my family since…well, since time out of mind. I’ll tell you how I got to Ringgold (love Ringgold, even stuck), but we start otherwhere; of course we start otherwhere. If you’ve got a minute I’ll run you from Sarasota/Tampa up 41 to Ringgold, GA; via Lyerly. It is there,in beautiful Lyerly, Ga., that we find the meat of the story. I’m happily stuck in Ringgold considering that I’ve made another successful escape from Lyerly. Great coffee at this Wendy’s.

Good Day

Hey There,

Good to see you this morning. The Sun is rising where I am. Welcome to Guerrilla Guru; my name is Ray. I am an individual acting as a self-crafted cosmopolitan, well-being warrior. My welcome is genuine. Good people are a blessing.


Why Do I Blog?

I’m here to interact with others so that I, and possibly they, may evolve first spiritually, then mentally and finally physically. We can transmute ourselves into better people here on this Earth, in this life. My goal is to become a Living Soul who is more inherently capable, so that I may be more effective for the good of myself and for all within my keep and care. I love this World and all upon it, including the parts of Creation which isn’t commonly recognized as being alive. You are invited to reply via any comment box or contact form. I’d like to know who you are; I’d like to know about you. Until then, I’ll tell you about some of the things I’ve been working on. Introducing myself would be a good start.


GuerrillaGuru On Motorcycle

This is a fairly accurate animated depiction. I made it myself. You can plainly see that I’m a veteran of quite a few seasons; Many moons; Several years; I was born in midsummer of 1963 in the American southeast; the Deep South. I was raised almost as far south as one may go and be still be in the Apalachain Mountains.