November Fifth Twenty-Eighteen

Love Life:

HereNow at the Wendy’s Burger in Ringgold, Georgia. I love this little town and have since time out of mind. Today I’m here suffering that debilitated state of being which is most commonly known as “stuck”. My bike is down, and so, is enjoying the ministration of a true Good Ole Boy hillbilly mechanic and friend of my family since…well, since time out of mind. I’ll tell you how I got to Ringgold (love Ringgold, even stuck), but we start otherwhere; of course we start otherwhere. If you’ve got a minute I’ll run you from Sarasota/Tampa up 41 to Ringgold, GA; via Lyerly. It is there,in beautiful Lyerly, Ga., that we find the meat of the story. I’m happily stuck in Ringgold considering that I’ve made another successful escape from Lyerly. Great coffee at this Wendy’s.


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