Macabre, Georgia

My hometown, somewhere in the Hills of NorthWest Georgia, is unlike any other place I’ve found in my travels. The land, waters and horizons in the Northwestern corner of Georgia are among the most beautiful on Earth. It also has a hidden, shadow side. That whole area, the Federal Judicial Circuit, is I exactly like what I would expect from the old television series, Mayberry RFD. The initials, “RFD” stand for, Rural Federal District. I can tell you about “rural”, having lived in the mountains, along an ancient dirt road for most of my childhood. I didn’t actually live in town but about ten miles south down Broomstraw Road, in the area of “Bridge Out”. I enjoyed living in the country and going to town once weekly was a big thing.

My hometown could have been named, Macabre. RFD; From now and into the future I will refer to is using this apt pseudonym and we shall consider its most accurate geographic location as, “Macabre RFD; somewhere in the Hills of NorthWest Georgia”. You will hear many strange-but-true stories about events, situations and…..affecting the lives of the people living in this nightmare version of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry.
Macabre, Georgia, USA isn’t the focus of this blog though; I left there when I was a kid, at age seventeen. This is simply some foundational information which I hope will help you to see the view I wish to present by describing the vantage from which I have gained this perspective. The weird, small Southern Appalachian town in which I was born, Macabre, is not the only notable influence during my young life; You will understand when we visit it in story form. All our lives are unique, but mine is demonstrably so.
My family practiced an unusual religion if one were to compare it to my that of my friends and their families, so I didn’t talk about my moral code in a social way. My actions, however, were dictated by a discipline which had easily become second nature to me. From birth I was taught to understand that I had a duty to “keep-care” of our World and all life upon it. I was informed with this understanding of Personal Stewardship upon this Earth by my lathe and extended family.
I’ll be glad to tell you stories about my family; on both sides. Many of them will be featured as both famous and infamous characters. My parents respective families didn’t agree on some important issues, but from both sides I was taught, by example, to be a caretaker to whom the desire to be morally upright should be an innate attribute. I can’t say that I didn’t fall short of even my own standards.
I can say that I deeply regret every time I did wrong or failed my family and companions. I didn’t know what I know now; I didn’t know the difference between Right and Wrong. I told you from the start, my family practiced a religion. They were sincere but misguided. So was I. I wish I had known then what I know now.
I make no excuse for my childhood flaws and offer no reason save my own lack of True Mortality. Without attempt at self defense, I will say as matter of fact that the information was not available. The Knowledge of the Objective Difference between Right and Wrong is among the most occult knowledge in the World. Since then I’ve studied as much of the deepest, most darkened, most occult knowledge. I did it with determination to learn the Objective Truth. Now I know and I can describe objective right and wrong in regard to the behavior of sentient beings in this Universe.
Some religions instruct their believers that The Knowledge Of Right And Wrong may only be gained by eating The Forbidden Fruit. Propounders of this doctrine further vilify Knowledge of Right And Wrong by claiming that it is a curse upon humanity which was foisted upon the world by a Serpent which was the Earthly Manifestation of acharacter their narrative names, Satan, Lucifer, and The Devil, among other descriptive callings like The Morning Star. Enough said for this post. Enough that you know GuerrillaGuru means to tackle the subject of morality head on.
I’m supposed to be giving background information on Yours Truly, so that there will be less chance of misunderstandings when I tell stories which will cause readers to imagine a world which is outside their mental comfort zone. I will do it with factual recounts, too. So it’s important that I describe the world which generated my young self as a Traveller into the world.
A bit more about my family. We were a classic Southern Genteel type of family. Not that we were really “rich”; We were not an impoverished family but neither were we wealthy. We were blessed with health and happiness. The Old People in my family had experienced the pre-WWII agrarian society which lasted longest in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The World Wars changed the lives of the American People, taking all that life away. Until that time real education was valued for its own sake. To be a “Liberal” then was understood to reference a Liberal Arts Education rather than a doctrine now known as liberalism.
We, various family members, friends and neighbors, would often gather in the early evening under Magnolias to discuss current events and the states of affairs from local to worldwide concerns. We talked about philosophy, too, and about three gardens and the weather. It was nice to be a child in my family. We were as safe and happy in general but especially so on those earthly summer evenings catching lightning bugs and listening to the grownups talking about life.
The post WWII industrial boom which robbed Americans of their culture was in full swing when I was a kid. Childhood for me was a time of prosperity in America. I mistook the prosperity for abundance. Prosperity is only the evil imposter lookalike of Abundance but still, I feel a pang in my heart when I wish that the children today had the freedom and security enjoyed by kids who grew up in the world of my youth.