Remission; Not Remington

I’ve done it. I’ve beaten MalNarc211, known as, “The Vampire-Zombie Plague”. Not only will I not “Twist”, as the condition has become to be known, but the cure, yes: cure, also acted to enforce a correctly principled balance within my entire being. I now truly know religiously the restraint of integrity and simply can’t engage in any behavior which will result in self-imposed suffering. Likewise, the idea that anyone, most especially me, should ever feed on the pain of others is absolutely revolting. I beat this damnable pandemic by magic. Real magic, and I fact I used the most powerful application of mind-over matter available to any soul occupying a human body in this universe. As it turns out, not only am I a Thaumaturge, I seem to be an extremely powerful one. I beat the best military mass-mind-control weapon ever developed by the Earth’s government by virtue of mental powers. Most happily in my exercise is that I have gained the ability to transfer my immunity to others. I developed the epigenetic application I used to “write in” my immunity upon the genetic code of every cell in my body. It is this epigenetic application which is communicable. You can catch it from me if we communicate intimately for an extended period of time. Physical contact is not required but does facilitate a more complex interaction, thereby speeding the communication required to develop my counter-virus at am effective level.

The psychic virus was developed by the commercial military complex to be a “Mind Wrench” tooled to turn the gears of any conscious, self-aware psyche. …….

Check the progress of this work from time to time. I was struck by epiphany and had to fix this concept which I am realizing se theme/vehicle for the message of guerrillaguru.

Chapter Two: Mindful Violence

“All of us; you, I, everyone, live in a World which is stained by the most deplorable, evil, filthy and cowardly deeds which have ever been committed by the very worst men or has produced. Some victims are affected more deeply, personally and directly than others. Most of this violent horror has been introduced via monsters acting without thought, reacting to twisted inner drives and the expediency of the moment. As bad as the majority of mindless violence, this wrongful action may indeed be, especially in quantity, it truthfully pales, almost laughably so, when compared to the damage done through willful depravity enacted by characters who know, understand and then coldly do Mindful Violence.” ~ Spells From My Quill, OldRayG

“All domesticated and semi-domesticated animals, barring none, have been farmed at some time to be slaughtered for food. This is true of all animals thought of primarily as pets. This is true of humans themselves. Why do you think so many societies have had its collective consciousness throttled back to am animalistic mentality.” ~ Spells From My Quill, OldRayG


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