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Why do we vote in the presidential race? Our votes do not determine or even influence the choice of President or vice-President. Our votes do not determine the choice of our state’s electors. Those electors are not instructed to carry their ballot as determined by the majority poplar vote of the people in the state they represent
Why is there such push for us to vote? Why is the value of or votes so hyped in mainstream media and even in our mainstream culture? Why are we told that it is so important? I’ll tell you why.
Your vote makes you party to the charade and through the Ritual Magic of casting votes signed in your names. It is the culmination of a set of ritual steps empowered by pomp and pageantry crafted that it might bind your consent to being ruled by whomever the elites through their electors were going to put into The Oval Office.
The choice of President would not suffer at all if no person voted. The mechanics of the state chooses the electors and this choice is not made in the basis of popular vote. The individual vote is a mechanism of control upon the essential being of any soul tricked by it.


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