Beaches and Moons With Glittering Edges

I’m here to to say, “Well come.”, to Winter and I am sincere in that greeting. Winter is our fallow season in which renourishment of all may find its deepest cycle. I’ve realized this truth so I now understand that one should not prepare to face or fight an “inclement season”, but should rather welcome this time of rest and rejuvenation which is truly suited to this darkest season just as sleep is welcome after a day’s work and good evening meal.

Those who oppose Winter find it a Season Of Wither while those prepared to “settle our brains for a long winter’s nap” (“A Visit from St. Nicholas”, more commonly known as “The Night Before Christmas” ) find instead blessings brought to us only by The Fallow Season. We rest, knowing that the Sun’s return will surely be as regular as the clockwork of the heavens. I am glad to see that The Sun has fallen farthest into its most southern sojourn so there “dying on the cross”, The Crux Constellation or Southern Cross, then after three days “sleep”, our Sun undergoes the rebirth which is the salvation of all life on our planet.

The Sun, God’s Sun, Sun Of Man, and The Savior of All is reborn every year on December 25th when, three days after Winter Solstice, the daylight period of each day begins to get longer and the dark hours shorten. This proportional change in the daylight/darkness cycle signals that new life is on the approaching horizon. Today, Sunday December 23rd, 2018 I am more happy and, I think, more prepared for the fallow time than ever before and so hope to enjoy this winter as a time of replenishment and rebirth for myself in accordance with what is apparently “Under The Will of The Heavens”: As Above; so below. Welcome Fallow Season.

As Above; So Below.


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