The Tendrils

The World is drawn into existence. Polar Bears have black skin and translucent white fur composed of individual, hollow hairs. This awesome combination helps to warm the bear in at least two manners and allows it to swim for hundreds of miles at a stretch in frigid arctic waters. Polar bear fur, to state the most obvious, also perfectly camouflages the black skinned critter while it hunts its food on a snowcovered landscape. How did all these attributes intersect so perfectly with this animal, where it was so certainly needed? I understand that this expression and all specific expressions of reality, manifest in much the same way that a bolt of lightning happens at a certain time, I a certain place while possessing sure and certain physical attributes and form a unique thing of a general type. I like to say, for the sake of rhyme-song mnemonic sake, “The World breeds what it needs.” Modern science is catching up to this understanding on at least this one front, calling it “epigenetics”. I understand that everything from lightning bolts to life-forms comes around in its order just like this. This happens as, “The World Is Drawn Into Existence”; everything is.