Watch “Will to Power – Nietzsche” on YouTube

Will To Power presupposes “that which wills”, or if you prefer, “that which does will”.
Considering this “will to power” as being fundamental or serving its own end skews the manifestation or reality into the psychopathic state we realize around us today. Will To Power was fashioned by consciousness as a tool apt to its intended purpose. This shows us that not only is consciousness a precursor of Will To Power, but so is “purpose”, even specific purpose. Will To Power is far from being “the universe” as was narrated herein this enlightening production. Consciousness itself is The Fundamental Stuff Of Reality.
I can go on, but I would soon require that readers at least know of and be capable of understanding, if not share, my concept of Ma’at. You see, when I spoke of “consciousness itself” I wished to script instead, “consciousness herself”.
All else is born of consciousness. This is the only Virgin Birth.
I’ve been for some time wondering why Nietzsche became insane; I am entertaining the thought that possibly Nietzsche mistakenly understood Will To Power as being the “Foundation Of The All” and so therefore wrongly understood his own nature to be evil. Don’t give me any guff about using the word “evil”; objective morality does exist; morality is a property of consciousness.


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