Good Day

Hey There,

Good to see you this morning. The Sun is rising where I am. Welcome to Guerrilla Guru; my name is Ray. I am an individual acting as a self-crafted cosmopolitan, well-being warrior. My welcome is genuine. Good people are a blessing.


Why Do I Blog?

I’m here to interact with others so that I, and possibly they, may evolve first spiritually, then mentally and finally physically. We can transmute ourselves into better people here on this Earth, in this life. My goal is to become a Living Soul who is more inherently capable, so that I may be more effective for the good of myself and for all within my keep and care. I love this World and all upon it, including the parts of Creation which isn’t commonly recognized as being alive. You are invited to reply via any comment box or contact form. I’d like to know who you are; I’d like to know about you. Until then, I’ll tell you about some of the things I’ve been working on. Introducing myself would be a good start.


GuerrillaGuru On Motorcycle

This is a fairly accurate animated depiction. I made it myself. You can plainly see that I’m a veteran of quite a few seasons; Many moons; Several years; I was born in midsummer of 1963 in the American southeast; the Deep South. I was raised almost as far south as one may go and be still be in the Apalachain Mountains.


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