Americans Must Ditch The Imperialist Mindset

The political parties are actually “private political organizations or clubs” rather than constitutionally provisioned parts of our rightful government. They are “owned”, yes owned by very wealthy and shadowy figures controlling the marionette politician characters with “strings” from above.
Both of the political parties are owned by the same very wealthy people in the same way that a bird owns both of its wings. Also like a bird, the flight or forward motion of this two-party system is achieved by controlled opposition of those wings/parties. With just one wing a bird would be grounded and powering that single wing would find the bird not only grounded but going in convulsive circles. We call the controlled opposition used by the parties “an exercise in Hegelian Dialectics”.
I’ve always said that the Democrats and the Republicans are but the two wings of a single, crooked bird, however I must admit, I do like this snake as a graphic metaphor. It was though creation of these two snake-head parties that the same wealthy crooks/snakes (crooked snake) has bought, perverted and subverted The American Way. The same rich men own both parties. These “benevolent overlords” are always in power, first through one party and then through the other.
I think that the common people, the citizenry, are realizing this in essence, if not in these exact terms. You see, presently about 57% of registered voters are registered as Independents.
Don’t support the two-headed crooked snake; register and vote Independent.
This wisdom is not a paid political announcement, but rather simple truth from OldRayG.
Register and Vote Independent.


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