I as enjoying a beautiful day in Bradenton, listening to the Mark Passio podcast number 7, for the 70th time knowing that, “I really should really be blogging.” I’ve reached the understanding that my most effective and withstanding good is through my blogging: It lasts. I find myself repeating these same rhetoric so “ad naseum” that I can’t keep up with the various queries posed by the some, few interested persons whom well deserve any correct data which on successfully able to impart. The method for sorting and discarding false information is basic wisdom on any concerted Mystery School discipline.Even those unfettered by any bloody oath some reason, esoteric set of knowledges I hope to add podcasts then soon, vlogging, to my toolkit. These blogs would serve well enough as correspondence to you, as well, for the short period of time you’ve left there.Perhaps this will be of the first, serving as a catalyst and lodestone you impel and guide the wisdom I got to impart through both my communication to you and the website, which hopefully will serve advisorally past he service time of this body.Perhaps I may even encounter it myself later in a life seeking enlightenment. Wow! That kind of “brings home” the need I hope to sate with all this.Enough of that, for the now. To be more contemporary and pragmatic:I’m at the McDonald’s a at about 6218 Manatee Ave I’m Bradenton. My neighborhood McD’s. I like the comparative one on Cortez Road, too. Both are the last McDonald’s on the way to the island. Only Cortez and Manatee actually bridge out to Ana Maria. This area is Palma Sola.I think “Palma Sola” is a pidgin reference to “Sun and Palms”. Words which are imposed into mental depiction of a scenario pre-programmed into the psyche as dopamine releasing proposition. Just thinking about it can make some feel good.This is the a area just before the one where dogs and horses are allowed to enjoy (or sufferthe beaches and salt water with their human companions. This is called “The Causeway, or simply “dog beach”. A great place, a although, being on the west side of The Island, the water is fully salt, but “intercoastal”. The mainland is to the east and The Island to the west.On the island’s west beaches, the next land in Texas or Mexico. Further south….South America. With nothing to clean of in between. And it’s all Caribbean. Grand, clear, clean water full of beautiful life. I love it here.That’s the Western end of Both Manatee and Cortez: the Gulf Barrier Beaches. Their Eastern paths and ends are more disparate, and nicely so.The Manatee Eastern Route takes us to Rye River Preserve. In my understanding it was an endowment from The Rye Family. They are/were an Old Florida Cracker family and persevered through the times when Florida was wild and dangerous.Florida was possibly the last Eastern State settler. Too dang hot and humid! And there are still five, yes, 5. Neglected Tropical Diseases.Most NTD’s are pretty much under control: Even “malaria” is held at a man-dictated/influenced State. The bad, incorrigible characters are a bit more esoteric and we must unpack that with its own respect.For now, let it suffice that the gambit runs from a living parasitic crustacean, scabies, to some fungal infections known since ever as “Gods Whip”. You’ll enjoy considerations if this comfortably named condition. Yes, it hurts: Yes it causes whip-like whelp formations all over. Yes, it looks like some “god” took vengeance upon an immoral person. Gods Whip.These are not the worst.just some odd ones to show you how little you might expect that which you expect to expect.Son, I’m gong to let her go here. As My Mom Sometimes Said:”That’s All She Wrote”,Love you son,Please don’t worry. Get released to the Bradenton Salvation Army Prison Release Program. Don’t talk to anyone about it. Keep it under your hat.You’ve never had a chance to be with me and have a Real Dad to trust. I’m going you the best advice you can get anywhere. Do do and you may have a long, beautiful and happy life. Do it not and your life will be spent mostly in prisonLove You Son.This is how I show my love.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgIqecROs5M

So rather take time unraveling the unproven worth of good first, True Scotsman Blog, have a moment jumping into the whatonearthishappening.com podcast. I am going through good Passio podcast series, among some of his other work, and do had it open lightly on the background. Keys see how or goes.

I can’t wait to get full video support.

So, the die is cast.

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